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Back to Work, Thank God

Posted by kingdom on August 26, 2012

Good morning from Talk of Entebbe in San Diego. Time when I write this is 9:27 a.m. which is 7:27 p.m. over there in Uganda. It is a privilege to be talking with you at this hour.

I will start working again tomorrow, Monday the 27th, because many schools have re-opened and all San Diego Unified School District schools will be in full swing by Tuesday, September 4. My duties will start at a non-student facility, doing whatever they ask me to do, and when that is taken care of I will be assigned somewhere else. It is fun to work that way, but also stressful sometimes because you meet people of various personalities, friendly and not-so-friendly, but that is the way it goes.

Fires Burn a Lot

Wild fires I have been telling you about in past Sundays have burned more than 1 million acres of land, destroyed homes and businesses, and left an economic hole in the economy. To make matters worse, the economy is severely struggling as is without adding another burden.

Heat Down a Bit

Luckily, the scorching heat we have experienced in San Diego for at least two weeks started coming down toward the end of last week. But all over America it left scorched soil, withered plants, malnourished cows.

Students Face Prices

Students return to school this year in the middle of rising prices. Gasoline (petrol) has gone up by about Shs.2500. Food is expected to rise as well.

Food Prices

Experts warn to expect rising food prices before Christmas or early January 2013 due to the unforgiving heat that has gripped the whole of USA for more than two months. Soil is totally dry like a mud brick, cows look malnourished, farmers are speechless as to what to do about the losses. We have been given advance warning that milk, soya, beans, corn and other foods will have prices up soon. This warning is not just for The United States, experts say, but for the whole world.

Republican Party for Education?

America will elect a new president on November 6 and education has to be a priority for the next administration. President Barrack Obama will serve his last four year if he wins. The Republican Party has former governor of the state of Massachussetts, Mitt Romney run against President Obama. Mr. Romney has chosen Representative (meaning MP) Paul Ryan as his vice-president. The party has a convention starting Monday in Tampa, state of Florida and America is waiting to hear their plan for education.

Going to Church

I am headed to church in a little while. And yes I will pray for you. Let's all pray that God grant to all of us the wisdom to do His wish.

Until next Sunday. May God bles you and your family, and Uganda. May God bless The USA.

Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer



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