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Olympics is the Talk

Posted by kingdom on August 5, 2012

I know how we love sports in Uganda, so i'm just going to say a quick hello from the offices of Talk of Entebbe coming to you from San Diego, California, with a good wish for a very good new week.

Olympics is big news as well here in San Diego, of course, because the US has sent teams to compete almost in every sport concievable. I have spent about three hours this Sunday watching the Olympics London Women's Marathon.

No disappointment as I proudly saw two Africans get gold and medal respectively, and cap it up with another win for fourth spot:  Gelana of Ethiopia was number one, Jeptoo of Kenya came in second, and Keitani of Kenya captured fourth spot. Well, Russia's Anchipova finished third. America came, unfortunately, came in 9th [Flanagan] and 10th [Boucher].

Congratulations to our ladies of Africa...education will get a huge investment from the financial rewards of these winners.

Fires Have Nerve

When we thought weather was cooperating, comes news of new fires burning wildly in the state of Oklahoma. 17 counties are affected heavily, lots of personal propety threatened.

Sikh Temple Attack

This morning a gunman burst into a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, massacred 6 worshippers and wounded a responding police officer before the gunman was killed. Dozens are reported seriously injured.

Many children, on vac before school in September, were at the temple, but no report indicated harm to any of them.

The FBI [America's top federal law enforcement agency] has classified the massacre as "domestic terrorism" and taken over investigations. The massacre occured in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee, 92 miles away from the state's capital of Madison.

Hot Like Summer

It's hot, it's summer, weather feels very humid many days and nights. It's plain uncomfortable some times. Americans are used to comfort, so here in San Diego airconditioning and fans are working to the limit.

Electricity bills during this period are high, but this time, I think, they will be higher than usual.

Well, let's put everything in Gods' hands. Till next Sunday. God Bless Uganda and America.

Best regards from K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer



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