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Power Shedding in San Diego

Posted by kingdom on August 19, 2012

Hello from Talk of Entebbe coming to you from San Diego, where power-shedding was enforced toward the end of the week. Hope that you and your family are fine.

On Thursday early hours of the morning, 2,000 homes suddenly had no electricity. These included some areas of downtown San Diego and areas where the rich live (think about Kololo, Muyenga, Ministers Village). With the "blackout" still on by 10 a.m. and in the middle of sweltering heat and humidity, San Diego Gas and Electric Company (Umeme of here) promised to return power as soon as possible. Two thousand homes means at least 8,000 persons -- based on average American family of four -- were sweating like crazy. Looks like the authority carried out their compulsory "FlexAlert" after residents refused to voluntarily limit electricity use.

Dream On

A 2-year amnesty for persons here illegally kicked into motion last week. Applicants started submitting paperwork for "temporary" stay which authorizes working. Requirements: Applicant was brought here before age 15, now younger than 35 years old. Has no lower than "O" level (high school) education. Has never been arrested for a felony. The excitement is, obviously, great.

Fires Still On

Fires continue to burn widely in several states. Washington state has had residents evacuated, and so it is with their neighbor Idaho where 123 homes faced danger.

Poverty in America?

Yes, there is poverty in America as well. What do you say when in the rich country 70 per cent of people live "hand to mouth" (spend everything they earn from pay to pay)? Students borrow money to go to university and higher institutions; today the average student owes $50,000 (Shs.124,500,000). A car sold for $10,000 costs more than $40,000 after paying  almost $500 a month for 7 years.

West Nile Virus

Dallas County, Texas state, is being sprayed by aircraft with pestides to kill mosquitos.  Residents may not approve, but authorities say if you live there, you have no say in this because the deadly "West Nile" virus has been detected. Imagine DDT dropping like rain from the sky.

Gadgets for Students

Come August 27, many p.7 to "A" level (elementary to high) schools in San Diego will re-open. The authority begin the new school year with new gadgets for classroom use: smartphones, e-readers. The teacher can use the smartphone for rollcall. Students can use e-readers instead of (or in addition to) textbooks. Students already had access to take-home laptops and notebooks;  this is one more tool to help them study better.

I did not realize how much news I had this time. Allow me to "pen" off here. Wishing you the best always. May God bless you, our Uganda and The United States of America. It's still very hot here.

Till next Sunday.

K.Lwanga, Principal & Editor





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