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Posted by kingdom on September 2, 2012

Good morning on this cool Sunday morning in San Diego, California. Talk of Entebbe sends heartfelt greetings to you and your family.

Just came back from church. We have prayed for: Jobs, that the unemployed get employed. Salary, that employers pay good wages to employees and treat them as human beings. Food, that God grant us enough rain for growing food sufficient for America and the whole world. I loved the human touch of today's service and so, it seemed, did everybody in church.

San Diego Students High Up

Results of last year's STAR exams for California students are out, and San Diego came in among the top five. STAR means Standardized Testing and Reporting. Students from grade 2 to 11 (primary 3 to senior 3) are tested to see if all are meeting academic requirements. Subjects are limited to Math, Writing (English), History and Science.  Consider STAR the PLE and UCE-UACE of California. However, since every school district here sets its own graduation examinations, reports say that many students don't take STAR as seriously as PLE or UCE-UACE because passing STAR or failing does not hold one back.

Hot Weather, Cold Weather?

A little bit of both in San Diego. It became a little hot, but not uncomfortable last week, then cooled down. As I write it looks pretty outside, but TV forecast heat and humidity come Monday continuning to Friday.

Hurricane Comes Through

Hurricane Isaac came through states of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi beginning Monday to Friday. It quickly turned into tornado and flood affecting Louisiana and Missippi but, luckily, damage was minimized. All seems well as of now.

Coventions for Politics

The Republican Party held its convention in Florida for three days, mentioning education, but most emphasis was on badly needed jobs to revive the economy. They had planned for a four-day gathering but Hurricane Isaac interrupted. Democratic Party's convention starts this Tuesday, then the field is open for aggressive campaigning between President Barack Obama and challenger Mr. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachussetts and long time very successful businessman.

Happy Labor Day

Tommorrow Monday the 3rd is labor day in America. I will be home relaxing.

Schools Back for Real

This Tuesday, Sept 4, all San Diego kindergarten to "A" level public school students will back in full swing. Traffic jams for a while as parents get adjusted to proper commute time from home to school, to work. The jam starts easing off by the following week.

Hey, take care of yourself. As always, my love to you and your family. God bless Uganda. God bless America.

Until next Sunday the 8th. Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer



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