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San Diego Getting Hot

Posted by kingdom on July 8, 2012

Well, this is a warm hello from Talk of Entebbe.

The old saying, "No news is good news", applies on this Sunday.

Here in San Diego, the news is that weather has been a little unusual for summer. Coldish in the morning, real hot in the evening and through the night. That's is the only news.

Fires and Powers

The update on the fires in Colorado is that most have been contained. Lives were lost, unfortunately, and lots of property destroyed, of course. On the east coast, same good news with the heat wave getting controlled. Emergency crews have worked day and night (yes, real day and night) and most power to people's homes was already restored as of yesterday.

Well, with Colorado and the east coast getting back to normal gradually, students on vac are heading back to enjoying their summer.

Non-stop Study

Several middle and high schools (p7 to "A" level)  here in San Diego county seem to be studying non-stop. They returned to session the week of June 25. Students who failed or were risking failure last semester attend these sessions from 7 am to noon Monday to Friday. Think of this as teachers in Uganda coaching studentys during vac, except that the coaching here, being public education,  is already paid  for by tax payers. These students will start their vac during first week of August, giving them a one month vacation instead of two months enjoyed by others who passed their classes during regualr school days. Other schools are simply back in session already because they follow the "year-round" calendar. This calendar allows students to take more frequent vacs throughout the year, while those studying in "traditional" calendar schools take fewer vacs until they take the two months of summer break.

Hopefully I have explained well. If not, ask me and I will expand on this issue.

Hey, I also have to cool off this heat. I think where am seating is about 80 degrees on the thermostat. So, let me get some cold water, and we will talk again next Sunday.

Until then. Americans say "hi" to you. Stay well and may God bless Uganda and bless the USA.

Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer.






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