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A Reader is a Leader literacy campaign | student help! 

The world economy is unpredictable today, no doubt about it. 


Sponsors kindly needed. 3,500 books for youngsters motivated and hungry to read are gathering dust in storage in San Diego, CA, right now as you read this.  Cost of storage is a whopping  $193.00 a month!  Millions of students in Uganda are hungry to read even one old and torn book and we have 3,500 good condition books, many in new condition, right here in the USA.  We are determined to get these books to precious youngsters  in Uganda but the shipping cost of  more than $4,700.00 is the only obstacle standing in the way.

Uganda kids, as you read this, are facing even harder conditions due to worldwide economic recession. Schools closed  in March 2020 for two years due to COVID-19 and only a few have re-opened even since 2023.  And the re-opened ones are improvising to stay afloat in the downward economy. Why?  Parents  are mostly subsistence farmers, mom-and-pop grocers, and daytime laborers.  They lack money to meet school expenses due to increasingly fewer customers, and more customers asking for free goods. Scarcity of resources is more evident day in and day out.. 

"A Reader is a Leader" is the determination driving us to ship these more than 3,500 books to Uganda.  We are asking for your kind financial generosity to get the books to Uganda kids at the earliest opportunity.  Into their hands, the kids shall keep busy reading  -- and Thanking you at every reading --  for the opportunity to keep learning until they return to school.  They will use the library even during free hours after school.  Your financial contribution of $5, $10, $20,  any amount$, this is a fact,  is a Godsend!  It will keep the young and vulnerable, especially girls, from loitering in troublesome spots to escape boredom. Please help. Thank you!

Shipping from California:  The 3,500 books are stored since 2005 at North Park Self-Storage, San Diego.  Storage is costing $193.00 a month. Your donation of any amount at this very point in time is a Godsend, and this is sincerely put.  Please help. Thank you very much for your donation to keep Uganda kids away from street trouble!

Our USA contact is Charles at phone 619-886-7032 San Diego,

Thanking you for the kind heart;  KMI students and community have sent their warm Thanks!