Courses and Departments

Today, just like every day at Kisulo Mukasa Institute, our teachers have arrived enthusiastic to teach students new and latest knowledge.

The enthusiasm is from careful pre-planning for lessons, syllabi, class size, entry requirements.

Lesson Plan

Every student learns from a curriculum that focuses on internationally-usable skills.

Our textbooks — except those for UNEB subjects — are by expert American authors, and published in The United States by leading publishers.

UNEB Syllabus

KMI Students learn from a two-in-one syllabus: The one from The Uganda National Examinations Board business education unit prepares student for jobs or self-employment in Uganda and Africa. The second syllabus is based on USA course content giving the student international job knowledge.

This two-plan approach equips student with education to compete highly in an increasingly "global village" world.

USA Syllabus

USA-based course content is learned by our student, through dozens of subjects designed and continually improved-upon by the Institute. These courses, no doubt, enormously make our student very knowledgeable and skillful.

Student Population

120 students and growing.

Average Class Size

28 students limited by design to enable student to teacher interaction.

Admissions Requirements

Certificate at  "O" level or "A" is required for the secretarial and accountancy courses. Equivalent qualification may be considered after evaluation, at Institute's discretion.

Courses — also called "majors"  if they lead to a diploma award — are offered in two academic departments, an independent college and a child development college educating pre-schoolers. All ensure excellent academics, and an excellent academic foundation for the youngest citizen..

Please click any one of the links below or at the right hand side of this page — Sanyu Namazzi, LBbaale, US College — for more information  about courses suitable for your future, and admissions requirements.

This link  published courses catalog will open up our current Courses Booklet which has comprehensive information saved in PDF format. The Booklet is also available printed and can be uploaded on various media at Institute main office. The catalog is under review; updates will be uploaded in time.

Sanyu Namazzi Department of Business Excellence
Two courses are offered: • Diploma Executive Secretary: Studies focus on syllabus for UNEB diploma in secretarial studies • Advanced Certificate School Office Assistant: Studies in ACSA focus on effectively accomplishing duties for excellent service in schools, colleges, institutions and universities. If you are interested in working for a school, including university, ACSA gives you targeted knowledge and skills for managing an educational office.
L Bbaale Department of Technical Innovation
Two courses are offered: •Diploma Accountancy course. Student gains knowledge to work in the accountancy field. Syllabus is of The Uganda National Examinations Board ordinary diploma in accountancy. Curriculum has additional subjects containing USA syllabus. The second course of study: • Professional Certificate Business Data Processing. Student gains education in how to accurately collect and present technical and statistical data for private business and public service departments.
Universal Skills (US) College
Part-time studies are offered in US College, the Center for Continuing Education. Courses: •Certificate Certified Computer Technician [CCT] based on A+ USA syllabus. Learn how to install and repair both hardware and software. Another course: •Certificate Help Desk Tech Assistant. Learn how to successfuly solve computer software problems. This course is shorter than CCT. Third course: •Public Safety Certificate School Security. Learn pro-active ways to "police" a school campus and a non-governmental organization. As a quick note, dozens of single or multiple business and human development classes are offered in US College.


To fulfill our Mission that “students will learn skills to improve their lives and uplift community standards, always putting God first in everything we do” the Institute is continually adding faculty and staff to ensure excellence in education.

Below is a list: 


Daisy Namatovu | Main Office
Open                   | Student Enrolment Assistant
Open                   | Facilities Manager
Open                   | Custodial Services
William Bbaale    | Safety Officer
Kakeeto-Lwanga |Chair - Board


Abel Mutanda      | Secretarial
Daisy Namatovu | Substitute
Vincent Malunda | Accountancy
Robert Mutumba | Business
George Ocen      | Statistics
Stella Oroma      | Business
Dan Matovu        | Computers
Derrick Bagema | Computers
William Bbaale    | Safety Education
Kakeeto-Lwanga | Chair - Board