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Posted by kingdom on September 2, 2012

Good morning on this cool Sunday morning in San Diego, California. Talk of Entebbe sends heartfelt greetings to you and your family.

Just came back from church. We have prayed for: Jobs, that the unemployed get employed. Salary, that employers pay good wages to employees and treat them as human beings. Food, that God grant us enough rain for growing food sufficient for America and the whole world. I loved the human touch of today's service and so, it seemed, did everybody in church.

San Diego Students High Up

Results of last year's STAR exams for California students are out, and San Diego came in among the top five. STAR means Standardized Testing and Reporting. Students from grade 2 to 11 (primary 3 to senior 3) are tested to see if all are meeting academic requirements. Subjects are limited to Math, Writing (English), History and Science.  Consider STAR the PLE and UCE-UACE of California. However, since every school district here sets its own graduation examinations, reports say that many students don't take STAR as seriously as PLE or UCE-UACE because passing STAR or failing does not hold one back.

Hot Weather, Cold Weather?

A little bit of both in San Diego. It became a little hot, but not uncomfortable last week, then cooled down. As I write it looks pretty outside, but TV forecast heat and humidity come Monday continuning to Friday.

Hurricane Comes Through

Hurricane Isaac came through states of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi beginning Monday to Friday. It quickly turned into tornado and flood affecting Louisiana and Missippi but, luckily, damage was minimized. All seems well as of now.

Coventions for Politics

The Republican Party held its convention in Florida for three days, mentioning education, but most emphasis was on badly needed jobs to revive the economy. They had planned for a four-day gathering but Hurricane Isaac interrupted. Democratic Party's convention starts this Tuesday, then the field is open for aggressive campaigning between President Barack Obama and challenger Mr. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachussetts and long time very successful businessman.

Happy Labor Day

Tommorrow Monday the 3rd is labor day in America. I will be home relaxing.

Schools Back for Real

This Tuesday, Sept 4, all San Diego kindergarten to "A" level public school students will back in full swing. Traffic jams for a while as parents get adjusted to proper commute time from home to school, to work. The jam starts easing off by the following week.

Hey, take care of yourself. As always, my love to you and your family. God bless Uganda. God bless America.

Until next Sunday the 8th. Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer


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Back to Work, Thank God

Posted by kingdom on August 26, 2012

Good morning from Talk of Entebbe in San Diego. Time when I write this is 9:27 a.m. which is 7:27 p.m. over there in Uganda. It is a privilege to be talking with you at this hour.

I will start working again tomorrow, Monday the 27th, because many schools have re-opened and all San Diego Unified School District schools will be in full swing by Tuesday, September 4. My duties will start at a non-student facility, doing whatever they ask me to do, and when that is taken care of I will be assigned somewhere else. It is fun to work that way, but also stressful sometimes because you meet people of various personalities, friendly and not-so-friendly, but that is the way it goes.

Fires Burn a Lot

Wild fires I have been telling you about in past Sundays have burned more than 1 million acres of land, destroyed homes and businesses, and left an economic hole in the economy. To make matters worse, the economy is severely struggling as is without adding another burden.

Heat Down a Bit

Luckily, the scorching heat we have experienced in San Diego for at least two weeks started coming down toward the end of last week. But all over America it left scorched soil, withered plants, malnourished cows.

Students Face Prices

Students return to school this year in the middle of rising prices. Gasoline (petrol) has gone up by about Shs.2500. Food is expected to rise as well.

Food Prices

Experts warn to expect rising food prices before Christmas or early January 2013 due to the unforgiving heat that has gripped the whole of USA for more than two months. Soil is totally dry like a mud brick, cows look malnourished, farmers are speechless as to what to do about the losses. We have been given advance warning that milk, soya, beans, corn and other foods will have prices up soon. This warning is not just for The United States, experts say, but for the whole world.

Republican Party for Education?

America will elect a new president on November 6 and education has to be a priority for the next administration. President Barrack Obama will serve his last four year if he wins. The Republican Party has former governor of the state of Massachussetts, Mitt Romney run against President Obama. Mr. Romney has chosen Representative (meaning MP) Paul Ryan as his vice-president. The party has a convention starting Monday in Tampa, state of Florida and America is waiting to hear their plan for education.

Going to Church

I am headed to church in a little while. And yes I will pray for you. Let's all pray that God grant to all of us the wisdom to do His wish.

Until next Sunday. May God bles you and your family, and Uganda. May God bless The USA.

Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer


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Power Shedding in San Diego

Posted by kingdom on August 19, 2012

Hello from Talk of Entebbe coming to you from San Diego, where power-shedding was enforced toward the end of the week. Hope that you and your family are fine.

On Thursday early hours of the morning, 2,000 homes suddenly had no electricity. These included some areas of downtown San Diego and areas where the rich live (think about Kololo, Muyenga, Ministers Village). With the "blackout" still on by 10 a.m. and in the middle of sweltering heat and humidity, San Diego Gas and Electric Company (Umeme of here) promised to return power as soon as possible. Two thousand homes means at least 8,000 persons -- based on average American family of four -- were sweating like crazy. Looks like the authority carried out their compulsory "FlexAlert" after residents refused to voluntarily limit electricity use.

Dream On

A 2-year amnesty for persons here illegally kicked into motion last week. Applicants started submitting paperwork for "temporary" stay which authorizes working. Requirements: Applicant was brought here before age 15, now younger than 35 years old. Has no lower than "O" level (high school) education. Has never been arrested for a felony. The excitement is, obviously, great.

Fires Still On

Fires continue to burn widely in several states. Washington state has had residents evacuated, and so it is with their neighbor Idaho where 123 homes faced danger.

Poverty in America?

Yes, there is poverty in America as well. What do you say when in the rich country 70 per cent of people live "hand to mouth" (spend everything they earn from pay to pay)? Students borrow money to go to university and higher institutions; today the average student owes $50,000 (Shs.124,500,000). A car sold for $10,000 costs more than $40,000 after paying  almost $500 a month for 7 years.

West Nile Virus

Dallas County, Texas state, is being sprayed by aircraft with pestides to kill mosquitos.  Residents may not approve, but authorities say if you live there, you have no say in this because the deadly "West Nile" virus has been detected. Imagine DDT dropping like rain from the sky.

Gadgets for Students

Come August 27, many p.7 to "A" level (elementary to high) schools in San Diego will re-open. The authority begin the new school year with new gadgets for classroom use: smartphones, e-readers. The teacher can use the smartphone for rollcall. Students can use e-readers instead of (or in addition to) textbooks. Students already had access to take-home laptops and notebooks;  this is one more tool to help them study better.

I did not realize how much news I had this time. Allow me to "pen" off here. Wishing you the best always. May God bless you, our Uganda and The United States of America. It's still very hot here.

Till next Sunday.

K.Lwanga, Principal & Editor




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Students Getting Ready, Already

Posted by kingdom on August 12, 2012

How fast time flies...well, they say when you are having fun. Talk of Entebbe is already seeing students in a ready mode, all set for resuming school. They are shopping books, backpacks. They are buying new clothes, and some -- who can afford -- new fashions, but mostly simply newer clothing, shoes and accessories. More schools re-opened last week, some are doing so this week and some will follow at the beginning of September.

How are you? How was your week? Here, the talk is...


The economy continues to move at a very slow pace. Summer jobs have not been plentiful this time around, and teen students always bank on them to earn and buy themselves electronics, clothes and other "teen" things before jumping back into school.

I was in city of Los Angeles, about 140 miles from here in San Diego, all day Saturday. They have a place called Garment District in downtown where they mark a bick block of business and name it "The Alley" on Saturday and Sunday. Shopkeepers allow batembeeyi [hawkers] to co-mingle in The Alley on these two days and, usually, the shop owners and the batembeeyi make good money. This time around, you almost could count shoppers on the fingers of your hands...the Alley was almost bare. In fact, some shopkeepers had an air of rudeness which kind of said, "...If you don't buy, don't ask or touch my things..."

Heat Still On

Since last week, heat in San Diego has not let down. Temperatures climb into 105 degrees. Portable fans and airconditioning stay on all day, all night. On Friday, the state issued what they call "Flex Alert" in which they requested that we do not use electronics until 6:30 p.m. and turn off airconditioning until then. I can't tell how many people listened. But the threat was that if not enough residents followed the order, then the electricity company would turn off power alternately area by area. [Would it not be nice if the electricity company in Uganda gave people that choice first before "power shedding"?]

As I write, the heat continues, and I think so does electronics, airconditioning and fans' use. Haven't heard of any power being "shedded" forcefully yet.

Well, hope all goes well for you and your family this week.

Till next time. God bless you, your family, and Uganda. God bless America.


K.Lwanga, Principal & Editor


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Olympics is the Talk

Posted by kingdom on August 5, 2012

I know how we love sports in Uganda, so i'm just going to say a quick hello from the offices of Talk of Entebbe coming to you from San Diego, California, with a good wish for a very good new week.

Olympics is big news as well here in San Diego, of course, because the US has sent teams to compete almost in every sport concievable. I have spent about three hours this Sunday watching the Olympics London Women's Marathon.

No disappointment as I proudly saw two Africans get gold and medal respectively, and cap it up with another win for fourth spot:  Gelana of Ethiopia was number one, Jeptoo of Kenya came in second, and Keitani of Kenya captured fourth spot. Well, Russia's Anchipova finished third. America came, unfortunately, came in 9th [Flanagan] and 10th [Boucher].

Congratulations to our ladies of will get a huge investment from the financial rewards of these winners.

Fires Have Nerve

When we thought weather was cooperating, comes news of new fires burning wildly in the state of Oklahoma. 17 counties are affected heavily, lots of personal propety threatened.

Sikh Temple Attack

This morning a gunman burst into a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, massacred 6 worshippers and wounded a responding police officer before the gunman was killed. Dozens are reported seriously injured.

Many children, on vac before school in September, were at the temple, but no report indicated harm to any of them.

The FBI [America's top federal law enforcement agency] has classified the massacre as "domestic terrorism" and taken over investigations. The massacre occured in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee, 92 miles away from the state's capital of Madison.

Hot Like Summer

It's hot, it's summer, weather feels very humid many days and nights. It's plain uncomfortable some times. Americans are used to comfort, so here in San Diego airconditioning and fans are working to the limit.

Electricity bills during this period are high, but this time, I think, they will be higher than usual.

Well, let's put everything in Gods' hands. Till next Sunday. God Bless Uganda and America.

Best regards from K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer


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Quiet Week with Cool Weather

Posted by kingdom on July 29, 2012

Hello friend, greetings from Talk of Entebbe here in San Diego.

Thankfully the past week has been quiet. Weather? Hot and cold and warm and cool. Oh, well.

I just came back from church where we prayed for rain, food, and the souls of those massacred last week in a movie theatre in Colorado state.

Colorado State

Most attention, on a national level, has of course been on Aurora town in Colorado where a gunman massacred 12 and injured 58, all moviegoers in a midnight showing. Almost all killed have been laid to rest. Debate continues preventing gunds from getting into wrong hands. America is a nation that has a constitutional clause allowing any person, citizen or not,  without a criminal record to purchase a pistol or big gun.


Students of San Diego in p.7-"A" level who have been attending summer school since June 25 to catch up with required grades are on "their marks" for holidaymaking. Friday, August 3 will be the last day of summer school, then they can go enjoy time off for a month. School will  re-open September 4.

Help Me Mr. Federo

With the economy here continuing to sleep, the United States Postal Service is crying for help from the federal government. The posta borrowed $5.5 billion to meet payroll and retirement benefits, promised to re-pay by August 1 but can't do it because mail delivery has slowed down considerably. The talk is that if government refuses to extend the re-payment date, drastic measures including massive retrenchement must occur. In addition, the Postal Service also needs to borrow additional money,and  cut $25.5 billion before 2016 to stay in business. They are proposing "sweet" early retirement offers, cutting service (for instance no mail delivery on Saturdays, shorter business hours) as well as retrenchment and freeze on hiring.

Food, Just Give Me Food

Drought conditions continue in many states here. Government has declared at least 13 counties throughtout the U.S. disaster areas, which means they can get federal financial assistance and food. Fear continue that prices for food, vegetables, fruits and associated products are expected to rise in the near future. This will affect student life in schools because by law all p.1-"A" level public schools serve meals, some include breakfast, others just lunch. It is amazing to realize that some families here in San Diego rely on school meals to feed their children otherwise they would not eat. Good news here is that San Diego County is said to be drought-free for now.

Hope you and your family are blessed with something to eat.

Best regards to you. May God bless Uganda, may God bless America.

Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer




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Time for Prayer

Posted by kingdom on July 22, 2012

Talk of Entebbe is coming to you a little later than usual this time -- it's 9:15 p.m. here  Sunday night, 7:15 a.m. Monday, July 23rd in Uganda --, but you will understand why. It has been such a crazy week.

Greetings, how are you?

Things haven't been that great this past week here, with...

Lack of Rain Threatening Food

Several states are under drought, with Texas and North Dakota hardest hit with most severe dry weather in 18 years. Weather experts report that the lack of adequate rainfall is the worst in in America in 50 years. Public has been alerted to potential shortages of corn and soybeans which, if it happens, would drive prices of many foodstuffs not only in the U.S. but all over the world. Preachers have asked for prayer for rain.

Twelve People Massacred

Twelve people in a small town of Aurora, state of Colorado, were gunned down and 58 injured Saturday morning while watching  a freshly-released film in "kibanda".  Many were young, most probably on vac, but the dead also include two members of the armed forces.  One gunman is suspected. He walked into the movie theatre around midnight, tossed teargas, opened fire; then surrrendered to police outside. He then told police that his flat was surrounded with explosives. In a a coincidence of sorts, the 24-year-old suspect went to school right here in San Diego County, about 10 miles from downtown San Diego. He was one of only six students in the whole country selected for neurosurgeon studies at the University of Colorado.

AIDS still an epidemic

U.S. health experts have announced a vaccine for HIV-AIDS. However, Pruvada is still in trial stages since it has not been widely used. This vaccine could prevent catching AIDS 90 out of 100 times if  person who was HIV-free was vaccinated before having  sex with an infected person. However, it has been noted that for the already-infected, using Pruvada could make the disease worse by making ineffective other medication.

The U.S. is reported to have 1.2 million people with HIV-AIDS.

I wish I could end on a good note...Let's pray for better things this week. Take care always.

Sincerely and with best wishes for Uganda and The United States, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer


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What a Way to Start

Posted by kingdom on July 15, 2012

Really. What a way!

Students on vac, students back in school, all facing extreme hot weather on the east coast.

Welcome dear friend, and thanks for reading Talk of Entebbe this Sunday. I am writing from San Diego, California, where the weather this morning feels fine.

You see, the US has had unusually hot weather for this time of the year. It was because of this weather that lives were lost and homes burned in the State of Colorado in the past weeks. Thankfully, most of the fire has been controlled.

However, what is top news now is extremely hot weather on the east coast. Temperatures getting into 90-100 degrees. Electricity supply knocked off in some areas. Airconditioning gone. Picture the students going to school or trying to enjoy their vac before returning to school in September.

San Diego Unusual

Let's look home here in San Diego. Unusual. You wake up Monday and it is a beautiful day; you wake up Tuesday it is extremely hot. Come Friday, it is cold like it is going to rain, but does not. Actually this unusual weather has affected me too. I got a severe cold Tuesday and was out of activitty until yesterday, Saturday. Thanks for your prayers I feel good now. When I went to get medicine, I noticed more people are buying medication (think about Panadol, Kyaapa Mbalaasi) than skimpy mini skirts, muscle shirts, shorts and swimsuits .

Picture This

Remember Mr. Sandusky? Jerry Sandusky the older football coach at Pennsylavania State University who sodomized boys he was supposed to coach in football? Well after he was found guilty on 14 counts, an independent panel found that the university knew for at least 20 years what he was doing. They covered for him "...because it would ruin the university's reputation..."  Money. A life-size picture (mural) of Mr. Sandusky that hang on campus has been removed. Surprised?

Give Me Education, No, Give Me Politics

Education has not yet come to the forefront during this American presidential election year, but with three months to go, no doubt it will. American public education (p.7-"A" level) education standards have been sliding for almost 20 years, reports say. But, guess what, the main topic as of this writing between the two presidential contenders is "who sent American jobs overseas?"  Well, hopefully, from that vagueness something substantial will develop to get the economy moving again.

Better times ahead. Hang tight onto your dream, together we shall achieve the dream.

Till next Sunday. May God bless you, your family and Uganda. May God bless America.

Sincerely, K.Lwanga, Principal & Writer


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San Diego Getting Hot

Posted by kingdom on July 8, 2012

Well, this is a warm hello from Talk of Entebbe.

The old saying, "No news is good news", applies on this Sunday.

Here in San Diego, the news is that weather has been a little unusual for summer. Coldish in the morning, real hot in the evening and through the night. That's is the only news.

Fires and Powers

The update on the fires in Colorado is that most have been contained. Lives were lost, unfortunately, and lots of property destroyed, of course. On the east coast, same good news with the heat wave getting controlled. Emergency crews have worked day and night (yes, real day and night) and most power to people's homes was already restored as of yesterday.

Well, with Colorado and the east coast getting back to normal gradually, students on vac are heading back to enjoying their summer.

Non-stop Study

Several middle and high schools (p7 to "A" level)  here in San Diego county seem to be studying non-stop. They returned to session the week of June 25. Students who failed or were risking failure last semester attend these sessions from 7 am to noon Monday to Friday. Think of this as teachers in Uganda coaching studentys during vac, except that the coaching here, being public education,  is already paid  for by tax payers. These students will start their vac during first week of August, giving them a one month vacation instead of two months enjoyed by others who passed their classes during regualr school days. Other schools are simply back in session already because they follow the "year-round" calendar. This calendar allows students to take more frequent vacs throughout the year, while those studying in "traditional" calendar schools take fewer vacs until they take the two months of summer break.

Hopefully I have explained well. If not, ask me and I will expand on this issue.

Hey, I also have to cool off this heat. I think where am seating is about 80 degrees on the thermostat. So, let me get some cold water, and we will talk again next Sunday.

Until then. Americans say "hi" to you. Stay well and may God bless Uganda and bless the USA.

Sincerely, K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer.



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Fires Burn, Electricity Short

Posted by kingdom on July 1, 2012

Greetings Talk of Entebbe reader. What a thrill to be talking with each other again this week.

Most news this time here is not pleasant.

Vacationing students in dozens of states are not having a good holiday. Fires -- as of Thursday the 28th --  have burned almost 300 homes in the State of Colorado, and continue to burn as I write this. At least 3 persons have died, and many families are homeless. And on the east coast, heat has overwhelmed electricity supply leading to several deaths there as well.

Extreme Heat on The East Coast

The states of New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, are under extreme pressure of extreme heat reaching 103 degrees. Electricity has been knocked off for 2 million homes for more than a week, traffic lights not working, airconditioning gone. 13 persons have died due to heat exhaustion and other effects.

Students Coming to Class More

Here in San Diego, good news. Students in middle school to high school (p.7-A level) decided to continue attending classes instead of dodging. This reduced the drop-out to 10.9%  showing a graduation rate of 83% as compared to graduation rate of 76% for 2011. This is significant because California statewide, 15% of students doged school permanently. Think about this: Students here go to school for free, get free books, free transportation on buses from home to school and back home, get free meals, but still find it desirable to refuse to attend school.

Health Care for Free

Finally the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday the 28th that any person living in America can be forced to pay for health care through an insurance scheme. The Affordable Health Care Act was passed by the parliament (Congress) dominated by The Democratic Party months ago but was challenged by 26 states (federalism allows states to do that). The Act means that everybody here must pay a monthly fee and if sick just go to the hospital. It differs from Uganda's "Mulago system" designed to be fully paid for by indirect taxation.

The Supreme Court has 9 justices, 5 ruled in favor. However, The Republican Party says that forcing citizens to pay for anything is "taxation" and since the Act was not originally passed as a new tax, they would work to stop it (repeal) if they gain a majority or get a Republican elected president next election coming next November 4.

Dark Liver Banned

Imagin walking into a restaurant on Luwum Street, ordering a liver and you are told "It's illegal madam..."  Well, that's what happened last week in California. Beginning July 1, 2012 dark liver (from specified animal) cannot be served by a restaurant. Fine is $1,000.00. But here is more: You can walk into the restaurant with your own raw dark liver, and if they agree, can prepare it for you and can eat it there without breaking the law. As I write, you can imagine how puzzled dark liver lovers are.

Well, I think it's time to go. Just cam back from church.

We will talk again next week. Stay well.

God bless you, your family. God bless Uganda, God bless America.

K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer.



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