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Fires Burn, Electricity Short

Posted by kingdom on July 1, 2012

Greetings Talk of Entebbe reader. What a thrill to be talking with each other again this week.

Most news this time here is not pleasant.

Vacationing students in dozens of states are not having a good holiday. Fires -- as of Thursday the 28th --  have burned almost 300 homes in the State of Colorado, and continue to burn as I write this. At least 3 persons have died, and many families are homeless. And on the east coast, heat has overwhelmed electricity supply leading to several deaths there as well.

Extreme Heat on The East Coast

The states of New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, are under extreme pressure of extreme heat reaching 103 degrees. Electricity has been knocked off for 2 million homes for more than a week, traffic lights not working, airconditioning gone. 13 persons have died due to heat exhaustion and other effects.

Students Coming to Class More

Here in San Diego, good news. Students in middle school to high school (p.7-A level) decided to continue attending classes instead of dodging. This reduced the drop-out to 10.9%  showing a graduation rate of 83% as compared to graduation rate of 76% for 2011. This is significant because California statewide, 15% of students doged school permanently. Think about this: Students here go to school for free, get free books, free transportation on buses from home to school and back home, get free meals, but still find it desirable to refuse to attend school.

Health Care for Free

Finally the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday the 28th that any person living in America can be forced to pay for health care through an insurance scheme. The Affordable Health Care Act was passed by the parliament (Congress) dominated by The Democratic Party months ago but was challenged by 26 states (federalism allows states to do that). The Act means that everybody here must pay a monthly fee and if sick just go to the hospital. It differs from Uganda's "Mulago system" designed to be fully paid for by indirect taxation.

The Supreme Court has 9 justices, 5 ruled in favor. However, The Republican Party says that forcing citizens to pay for anything is "taxation" and since the Act was not originally passed as a new tax, they would work to stop it (repeal) if they gain a majority or get a Republican elected president next election coming next November 4.

Dark Liver Banned

Imagin walking into a restaurant on Luwum Street, ordering a liver and you are told "It's illegal madam..."  Well, that's what happened last week in California. Beginning July 1, 2012 dark liver (from specified animal) cannot be served by a restaurant. Fine is $1,000.00. But here is more: You can walk into the restaurant with your own raw dark liver, and if they agree, can prepare it for you and can eat it there without breaking the law. As I write, you can imagine how puzzled dark liver lovers are.

Well, I think it's time to go. Just cam back from church.

We will talk again next week. Stay well.

God bless you, your family. God bless Uganda, God bless America.

K. Lwanga, Principal & Writer.




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