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What a Way to Start

Posted by kingdom on July 15, 2012

Really. What a way!

Students on vac, students back in school, all facing extreme hot weather on the east coast.

Welcome dear friend, and thanks for reading Talk of Entebbe this Sunday. I am writing from San Diego, California, where the weather this morning feels fine.

You see, the US has had unusually hot weather for this time of the year. It was because of this weather that lives were lost and homes burned in the State of Colorado in the past weeks. Thankfully, most of the fire has been controlled.

However, what is top news now is extremely hot weather on the east coast. Temperatures getting into 90-100 degrees. Electricity supply knocked off in some areas. Airconditioning gone. Picture the students going to school or trying to enjoy their vac before returning to school in September.

San Diego Unusual

Let's look home here in San Diego. Unusual. You wake up Monday and it is a beautiful day; you wake up Tuesday it is extremely hot. Come Friday, it is cold like it is going to rain, but does not. Actually this unusual weather has affected me too. I got a severe cold Tuesday and was out of activitty until yesterday, Saturday. Thanks for your prayers I feel good now. When I went to get medicine, I noticed more people are buying medication (think about Panadol, Kyaapa Mbalaasi) than skimpy mini skirts, muscle shirts, shorts and swimsuits .

Picture This

Remember Mr. Sandusky? Jerry Sandusky the older football coach at Pennsylavania State University who sodomized boys he was supposed to coach in football? Well after he was found guilty on 14 counts, an independent panel found that the university knew for at least 20 years what he was doing. They covered for him "...because it would ruin the university's reputation..."  Money. A life-size picture (mural) of Mr. Sandusky that hang on campus has been removed. Surprised?

Give Me Education, No, Give Me Politics

Education has not yet come to the forefront during this American presidential election year, but with three months to go, no doubt it will. American public education (p.7-"A" level) education standards have been sliding for almost 20 years, reports say. But, guess what, the main topic as of this writing between the two presidential contenders is "who sent American jobs overseas?"  Well, hopefully, from that vagueness something substantial will develop to get the economy moving again.

Better times ahead. Hang tight onto your dream, together we shall achieve the dream.

Till next Sunday. May God bless you, your family and Uganda. May God bless America.

Sincerely, K.Lwanga, Principal & Writer



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